I write like…

As your resident party pooper, I say that the “I write like” website probably isn’t totally legitimate or accurate. If it’s telling me I write like Dan Brown and James Joyce and Gertrude Stein, I want to know why. There may not be any rhyme or reason to these famous author matches, but it’s still fun to see who’s writing your words emulate. I entered three snippets of writing into the generator: 1) a blog post 2) a poem and 3) an essay.

Round ONE

Round TWO


Which famous author do you write like? Go for it.

The Coolest: Black and White Face Illustrations

These illustrations by Alexander Khokhlov are wicked cool and fierce. It’s quite neat to see the human face used as a canvas, and there’s something about the exaggerated use of black and white that makes these photographs unbelievably vivid. My favorite is probably the optical illusion (no. 6). Can you pick out the silhouette of the other face?

via My Modern Met