The Invisible Man Paints Himself to Hide in Plain Sight

This is undoubtedly takes the cake for the most awesome thing I have seen in awhile.

Chinese artist Liu Bolin poses in photographs after being painted to match the background, in a 10 hour process that renders him nearly invisible. His exhibition, “The Invisible Man,” is on display at the Eli Klein Fine Art gallery in New York City through September 28, 2011. The Business Insider has posted a gallery of 53 of Bolin’s works.

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Hipster-speak and gibberish musings

Where did “hipsters” even come from? This must be a wrinkle in our culture with the same fad-diet lifespan as emo or hippie or scene…or maybe hipsters will outlive us all…

The interesting thing is, the hipster subculture has existed since the 1940s. Jack Kerouac referred to hipsters as American existentialists, a young generation choosing to “divorce [themselves] from society, to exist without roots, to set out on that uncharted journey into the rebellious imperatives of the self.” Very Chris McCandless-esque and admirable if I might say so myself.

The issue is that society always finds a way to mass-produced conformity, or rather non-conformity in this case. So the very pop culture that hipster-ism is suppose to be a backlash against has taken its rebellious offspring back. Hypocrisy and irony at their finest.Maybe fringe cultures are constantly evolving to keep up the chase with mainstream’s insatiable jaws, and soon we’ll have an even more ambiguous, rebellious crowd dethroning the hipsters. And then everyone will put on new masks and start jumping on that bandwagon.

Until then, it’s not enough to dress like a hipster and watch indie flicks and listen to indie rock anymore. If you really want to be cool, you have to learn the lingo too…

Try Hipster Ipsum, a random hipster text generator created by Jason Cosper. I think it’s pretty funny stuff…

Before they sold out 8-bit aesthetic, ethical craft beer vegan locavore cosby sweater skateboard. 8-bit letterpress vinyl messenger bag brunch cliche. High life shoreditch before they sold out master cleanse, marfa bicycle rights freegan +1 wes anderson art party trust fund cosby sweater helvetica terry richardson portland. Butcher homo letterpress banksy, raw denim iphone food truck mustache echo park yr artisan VHS fap. Put a bird on it banksy synth freegan iphone Austin, photo booth seitan PBR wes anderson gentrify skateboard williamsburg etsy. Organic craft beer iphone, fap tumblr gluten-free terry richardson tattooed williamsburg retro. Retro raw denim keytar, sustainable irony art party scenester gentrify blog next level.

Mona Lisa made from coffee

Made for the The Rocks Aroma Festival in Sydney, Australia in 2009, this coffee-lover’s Mona Lisa is made from 3,604 cups of coffee and 564 pints of milk. I can feel the caffeine just by looking at it. And how cool is it that that different shades of sepia are the result of varying amounts of milk in each cup? Amazing. Art can be created from anything.

via The Telegraph

Chilling Portraits Under a Cold Shower

These are really stunning portraits. Such a cool twist to a classic photoshoot. You can really see each person’s soul behind their eyes. I love the shot of the woman with smudged eyeliner and mascara running down her face. Her grit and determination are almost palpable.

by Nicolas Dumont

I invited some friends into my kitchen to have their picture taken under a cold shower. I asked them to stare right into the camera and control their…nerves. Each session latest between 10 and 20 minutes. I guess the water temperature felt better after a while as some of the best images were captured at the beginning.

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