Is this how aliens see Earth?

If you only watch one video today, make it this one – an incredible timelapse sequence of photographs taken onboard the International Space Station earlier this year above places such as the US, the Sahara desert and Australia.

The beautiful minimal soundtrack by German electronic musician Jan Jelinek only adds to the atmosphere.

As for the pictures, they were taken by crew members of the expeditions 28 & 29 with a special low-light 4K-camera, and the result is simply stunning:

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Bella Swan, Stay Away From My Little Sister

Saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 last night. Let’s just say, I will never quite understand what the big Twilight craze is about. Although I would say this movie is the best out of all of them relatively speaking, it’s still not good by any standards of the film industry. Kristen Stewart is getting better at acting, but she still looks like she’s royally uncomfortable and in pain the entire movie. I swear, I really just wanna slap her in the face sometimes. She is such a ridiculous heroine. In our modern age, it’s crazy that people still buy into this whole “I’m nothing without a man” notion. This is such a backwards idea. We are supposed to be teaching young girls that there is more to life than boys and that there is nothing attractive about being desperate and clingy. I am so happy my sister has not picked up these books yet or watched the films. I’m glad that she chooses to read series like Harry Potter and the Hunger Games that actually teach real values and strength. In fact, she’s read a lot of the books here. Yes, my little sister makes classy literary choices.

-Proud, approving big sister