FaceTime for Apes?

Orangutans living in captivity will soon used iPads to connect with their brethren in other zoos. Dolphins have been using iPads since they were first introduced. Click for the full story. 

This story leaves me a little unsettled. So zoo animals get to “play” with iPads while billions of people in the world live in poverty…that’s messed up.

Source: POPSCI

Thrifty Nifty Jewels

I hit up a local thrift store today that I’ve never noticed before, and I was surprised to find really good deals on very fun pieces of jewelry. All 7 pieces only cost me a total of $12.25. What a steal.

Clear flower earrings: $1 // Red Marble Circle Earrings: $1 // Dog Tag Necklace: $2
 // Black Belt: $1

Charm Bracelet: $2.25 // White Leaf Dangles: $1 // Black&White Semi-Circle Dangle: $4