Have a Valentino wedding. Flowers included.

Valentino Resort 2013. Pure femininity and flower power. Forget the white dress tradition. I would love to don one of these beautiful works for art for my wedding. If I was tall and slim enough to rock the jumpsuit look, it would definitely be a heavy contender. Too bad I was given the “short” asian genes. Womp. My absolute favorite though is the last one in this sequence, a dreamy floral bed of perfection.

See the entire selection at Vogue.

Since everyone’s buzzing about healthcare right now, here’s something to consider:

Should we have a fat tax? Yes, that’s right…a tax on obesity.

The globe perceives the United States as the land of the fatties: the human beings that are so large, their fat seems to ooze beyond every space they inhabit. The United States strives to see itself as The Biggest Loser when it comes to the battle against obesity, but the truth is, the number of fat Americans is growing larger day by day. Let’s face it, obesity is a massive blood clot for our country.  So what if we start taxing it? Can a tax on sugar-laden junk foods and beverages save lives like the tax on cigarettes did?

What if I ate 100 cupcakes every day?! Would I have a skinny wallet and a fat belly?

Personally, I prefer this version of the fat tax: charge obese people a higher health insurance premium. When the overweight individual starts showing signs of a healthier lifestyle, he/she can apply to have that premium lowered. This way, weight loss is incentivized for everyone who is fat and paying (literally) for his/her poor choices. What I like about this variation of the fat tax is that a) the tax doesn’t or shouldn’t discriminate across socioeconomic classes b) healthcare providers are able to offer their expert knowledge and measurements and c) I believe the tax can give people that extra push to get healthy.

If the duty of the government is to increase, improve and enhance the welfare of the American people and a growing portion of the American people are suffering the ailments of obesity, then a fat tax could really be the spandex-wearing Superpolicy that swoops in to save the day (or some major U.S. arteries).

inspired by “Stuff You Should Know” Podcast