The Coolest: Black and White Face Illustrations

These illustrations by Alexander Khokhlov are wicked cool and fierce. It’s quite neat to see the human face used as a canvas, and there’s something about the exaggerated use of black and white that makes these photographs unbelievably vivid. My favorite is probably the optical illusion (no. 6). Can you pick out the silhouette of the other face?

via My Modern Met

Bill Murray Coloring Book

Say what?! This is definitely one of the more bizarre things that I’ve come across. But if I was a celebrity (or just a really cool person), I would want my own coloring book. Wouldn’t you? What adult doesn’t miss coloring? The real question is…who wouldn’t want to color Thrill Murray?

via A Cup of Jo

Reliving the Glory Days: School Project Nostalgia

I was helping my sister with her “Create Your Own Board Game” extra credit assignment, and I found myself reliving the time in my childhood when I was the reigning school project princess. Oh how times have changed…why won’t they give me extra credit in college for getting carried away with arts and crafts?

The Queen of Chalk: Dana Tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi has brilliantly used an antiquated classroom teaching tool to make timelessly elegant typography.  She has been commissioned by clients such as Rugby Ralph Lauren, Google, Adidas, and Lululemon Athletica, just to name a few. Needless to say, I am gushing over how precise yet organic and youthful Dana’s lettering is. If heaven was built with chalkboards, I imagine this is what it would look like.

Dana in action:

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