The Coolest: Black and White Face Illustrations

These illustrations by Alexander Khokhlov are wicked cool and fierce. It’s quite neat to see the human face used as a canvas, and there’s something about the exaggerated use of black and white that makes these photographs unbelievably vivid. My favorite is probably the optical illusion (no. 6). Can you pick out the silhouette of the other face?

via My Modern Met

Friday Photo: Girl Meets Hedgehog

Paris-based photographer Cath Schneider recently became aware of a small hedgehog living in her garden and decided to investigate a bit closer with her daughter.

via Colossal

and because I’m OBSESSED with manatees, this next picture is completely relevant and necessary:

by Christopher Wright of CMGW Photography

Lollapalooza (Recapped)

Tried and True Survival Skills:
1. Bring your own toilet paper
2. Do not accept watered down alcoholic beverages from strangers
4. Wipe yourself down with baby wipes for a quick hobo shower (you and those standing around you will thank you for this)

One highlight: Doomtree…Bangarang!

One regret: Choosing Santigold over Frank Ocean

One disappointment: The Weeknd

One surprise: Calvin Harris

Tried and True Fashion Suggestions:
1. Shorts (or skorts or jorts)
2. Backpack (be wary of back-sweat)
3. Stunna shades and other accessories
4. Bring a second pair of shoes in case it gets muddy
5. Sweat rag (to wipe away the oh so attractive glisten)

Kind-of-Meant-for-Me-Moment: Childish Gambino… “Asian girls everywhere…UCLA”

Most fun to watch: Oberhofer! Brad is just a big ball of sunshine and music (and hair).

And let’s not forget how the skies turned green and reigned over our sadness for 2 and 1/2 hours…