Making the Earth Greener…One Step at a Time

A collaboration between Jody Xiong of DDB China and the China Environmental Protection Foundation resulted in this marvelous campaign that visually and creatively proved that walking is not only cooler than driving, it is also better for the environment.

The campaign involved laying large canvases on the ground in busy pedestrian crossings, covering the area with a leafless tree. As people walked across these crosswalks, they first stepped on a green sponge, then left their own leaf-like footprints on the branches.

The ‘Green Pedestrian Crossing’ was carried out across 132 crosswalks in 15 Chinese cities with participation from an estimated 3,920,000. Wowza!

Now this is one of the cleverest green marketing ploys that I’ve ever come across. What a neat way to cause a stir, create some art, and show the world that a whole lot can grow from the little steps we each take towards a healthier environment.

via Colossal