This Little Girl is Everything…

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Follow @2sisters_angie on instagram for more from this “4-year-old” fashionista. This girl is going to be important someday. I mean look at that poise and fierceness!

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Science in Action: Stretching out shoes with ice

Common Issue: My shoes are too tight and hurt my feet!

Never fear, there’s a super simple, effective, scientifically-backed solution…

You need:
2 Ziploc bags

1. Fill ziploc bags with water (double bag if you are scared of leakage)
2. Slip bags into shoes
3. Stick shoes in freezer and wait until the water changes completely to ice
4. Take shoes out of freezer, wiggle frozen ziploc bags out, and voilà!

I tried this with a pair of flats I got recently that were a little bit too tight on my feet, and it actually worked! I couldn’t believe how much more comfortably the shoes fit after this little ice trick.

Science plug:
I guess I shouldn’t be shocked out of my socks, because scientifically it makes complete sense. Common fact: water expands as it freezes. This is because as water cools, the molecules slow down allowing more stable hydrogen bonds to form. In ice, the hydrogen bonds hold the water molecules far apart from each other which means more empty space, more room occupied, and in this case, shoe stretching success! (My old-school science knowledge actually came in handy. Doin’ all my teachers proud.)

My shoes, right before I put them in the freezer.

I got the idea from this youtube video. Check it out for the full demo!

Analog Vinyl Sampling — Ishac Bertran

Barcelona-born, copenhagen-based designer ishac bertran turns vinyl records into their own sampled mix tracks with ‘vinyl analog sampling’, a project in which he cuts out and reassembles segments of different records.

Cool “cut and paste” idea applied to vinyl records, but the final mixed tracks didn’t really measure up to my expectations. I don’t think enough thought was put into the musical value of the recombination. Watch the process and the finished records being played below.

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